We have come to the Chengdu Railway Station Jiang Yiyan game comeback – black hole entertainment Soh 魔界骑士イングリッド

"We have come to the" Chengdu Railway Station Jiang Yiyan game comeback – black hole entertainment Jiang Yiyan Jiang Yiyan Jiang Yiyan playful laugh Sohu Sohu quiet entertainment news Friday 20:20 Hunan TV "we have come to the" continue to broadcast in Chengdu. Farewell to the Du Fu Thatched Cottage, the goddess came to the giant panda breeding research base for the lovely national treasure when the nanny". In the Chengdu academy, the program or the female poet Jiang Yiyan and the reproduction of game black hole, second defeat goddess on the line again. Jiang Yiyan the Chengdu Railway Station to the giant panda poo and Karen Mok talk in public and research base of giant panda breeding, the goddess who saw the legendary "national treasure". See a just adorable panda, Jiang Yiyan also put down the "goddess" figure, happy for the pandas to clean up the poop. Can let the goddess "serve", so the presence of fans "envy envy hate" Panda "earned by". As one of the first class protected animals, giant pandas are known as "living fossil" and "Chinese national treasure". However, such lovely animals, but because of environmental changes and endangered, the number is very scarce. See the status of the giant pandas, Jiang Yiyan also very emotion. Jiang Yiyan has been enthusiastic about public welfare and Karen Mok are talking about their own public projects to do, to tell you the story of public welfare. Jiang Yiyan heard himself a charity station, said Yuan Hong enthusiastically to the don’t wear clothes to Jiang Yiyan’s charity, to help more people in need. Prior to this, Joe Chen has donated a box of clothing to the home of Jiang Yiyan. From the sale of station talk Jiang Yiyan is not a virtual "us". Jiang Yiyan play puppet show to sell Meng lunch game is still seconds after the black hole, then the goddess came to the Chengdu academy. The ten stars are their own exclusive puppet, puppet image are classic role played by each, such as Angie Chiu’s "White Snake", Carina Lau "Wu Zetian" Jiang Yiyan "Murong Qiudi got". Although the "classic role of three young master of the sword" in, but in the aspects of the game, but Jiang Yiyan himself as "naughty Xu Xian" sell adorable, and staged puppet drama and the "white lady" again. After a game, it is lunch link. But who knows, the road is the longest way through the Han ge". At lunch, the sisters sit around a table to play the "Heroes please Baoquan three version of the comedy game. In the game, the goddess who have firepower, unlike Sheenah, Xu Jiao such a game master game, Jiang Yiyan came back to the black hole. With the Carina Lau black hole partner, repeatedly wrong one second from the goddess into many younger sister, but is confused "fans", the whole point of time adorable.   相关的主题文章:

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