A woman Wenzhou morning walking backwards a staggering fall well dnf商人吧

A woman Wenzhou morning walking backwards a staggering fall well help ah!" The morning of November 2nd 9, several morning aunt in Wenzhou Cuiwei Park suddenly heard someone crying for help, everywhere around the probe, to see the results of a well, a middle-aged woman fell into the park. Wenzhou Guanghua Lucheng police station duty police alarm, rushed to the Cuiwei Park, the wellhead is about 50 cm, depth of 4 meters, without any protective measures around. It is reported that the woman is in the morning when walking backwards, sometimes accidentally fell into the well, but the larger diameter wells and is not too deep, the woman was a more sober sense, a slight sprain foot. While the police appease their emotions, while with the fire brigade rushed to cooperate with the successful rescue of the woman. Be rescued Ms. Chen told police that she lived in the neighborhood, there has been the habit of doing morning exercises in the park back. Before the incident, she was walking backward morning as usual, because the height of the well was in the calf, when the found hit the wellhead, has been unable to control, a stagger fell into the well, fortunately, wells without water, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. In this regard, the police asked the park to do protective measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.相关的主题文章:

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