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Omit foreplay these "tricks" to make her orgasm is normal, foreplay time is 6 minutes, but many men do not want to make a long time foreplay, how does that do? No foreplay will delay orgasm? It is normal, but can through some small details instead of foreplay, but also can make her orgasm faster! Omit foreplay these "tricks" to make her orgasm 1, gave her a sexy underwear if that send ordinary underwear will be too old-fashioned, then choose sexy underwear. It’s a pleasure to be in a special time or to give her when she’s not, and you’re opening the door of her sexuality. 2, has been holding her a lot of couples feel that kissing is very beautiful, and often forget the power of embrace. When she is in a bad mood, when she is depressed, when she wants to hold you, generous to give you a hug, until she does not want, this is the best comfort, it will make her particularly touched. Omit foreplay these "tricks" to make her orgasm 3, give her the nickname of women love men call their names. The more special way to use her name the better, you can call her name in the middle of a sentence, write her name on your shoulder, in your hand or anywhere she can see it. Can also give her a special nickname, such a move will make her warm heart. 4, whisper in her ear in public, party, said to her what you want to do later: "tonight, I will let you……" For women, this interaction is as exciting as real combat. But this time do not go directly to the theme, first to the body painting fruit body lubricant, fruit sensory stimulation, add a passion for lingering, let him more delicious". 5, do not ignore the joints, although you have been aware of the pro she should be those parts, now pay attention to her knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, neck, hip. Do not touch for a long time, but these parts are very sensitive. See if you can make her crazy. Omit foreplay these "tricks" to make her orgasm 6, a practice of her photos in the wallet is seemingly mediocre in your wallet in the possession of a picture of her. This is a good small, but to benefit from it. The woman inborn love rummaged things, when she turned to the wallet or an occasional glimpse of her, are undoubtedly a anxi. 7, to help her with her lips is a kind of negative behavior, she will feel decorated and service, will make her feel a part of her body to attract you. Other methods: scrape her feet, toe oil, wash hair. According to an online survey, 76% of men have washed their hair for their partner. Omit foreplay these "tricks" to make her orgasm 8, remember you with the details to tonight and later had the perfect, we must remember together for the first time in everything: where were you, what she was wearing, what were you talking about how you feel. Often recite, this is the great power in the future.相关的主题文章:

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