Xiamen, a woman to buy WAL-MART cleaning agent next to the risk of blindness monitoring is false fifa14下载

Xiamen, a woman to buy a copy of the risk of blindness next to the monitoring of counterfeit drugs are fake Ms. Zheng demonstration of the use of cleaning agents in the process of. Reporter Wu Xueying photo to the supermarket consumer Ms. Zheng WAL-MART claims rejected the cause of the accident is not yet clear Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news (morning news reporter Wu Xueying) in the process of shopping, cleaning agent on the shelves of accidental spills, consumers are burn the eyes, the doctor for corneal injury. Yesterday, Ms. Cheng consumers call Morning News Hotline 8080000 reflect, when she was shopping in the West WAL-MART Road, cleaning agents on the shelf burns eyes, visual impairment, when you need to wear sunglasses when going out. Recently, Ms. Zheng to claim WAL-MART lost income, mental damages, but was rejected. Consumers: cleaning agent Qingsa eyes burned at noon on October 20th, Ms. Zheng came to the West Hexiang road WAL-MART to buy the washing liquid cleaning agent. "At that time, this cleanser is located in the top shelf. I was going to buy another product with the same brand, but to see this liquid detergent to reach out, I did not expect all of the cleaning agent down, poured into my face and eyes." Ms. Zheng said, when she felt a sharp pain in the eyes and face, quickly call for help. Around two customers came to assist her, and for the mineral water for flushing. "I can’t open your eyes, see the road. WAL-MART staff rushed over, they took me to the WAL-MART eye wash center for flushing." Subsequently, the staff to accompany Ms. Zheng to the hospital for examination, the whole process of she can’t open my eyes. MS Cheng said that WAL-MART does not recognize the existence of negligence in this incident. "In October 29th, I went to WAL-MART and their staff consultation, they said a person in charge, can only give me 500 yuan to 1000 yuan in relief funds, but not compensation, they think themselves have no fault, is caused by improper operation of my." Ms. Zheng said she asked to view the surveillance video, but WAL-MART said there was no surveillance video. She believes that the reason why your eyes are cleaning agent, cleaning agent is mainly because there is no cap or not tighten, so she takes in the process of cleaning agent will overflow. Ms. Zheng said she was 54 years old, engaged in the apparel industry, she was unable to work after eye injury. "Now the eyes photophobia, tingling, eyesight also fell, but also go out wearing sunglasses." Survey: monitor shelf next is only yesterday, the reporters came to the West Hexiang road WAL-MART. Reporters saw, Ms. Zheng was located about 1.9 meters high shelf, cleaning agent on the top floor. Ms. Zheng said she was about 1.6 meters tall, to straighten the arm to get the cleaning agent. Reporters found that the shelves were linked to a monitor. Lead cleaning agent ADA corneal burns on the packaging reads: if accidentally splashed into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, and immediately seek medical treatment. The main components are hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, surfactant. So, are there any records on the shelf? In this regard, WAL-MART, deputy general manager of the west side of the road, said Mr. Wang, the shelf next to the two black monitors.相关的主题文章:

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