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Thursday morning at 8:30 Hangzhou walk at the start of registration! Come, come, finally come! Tomorrow (29 days) at 8:30 in the morning, "the people’s livelihood medicine" 2016 International (Hangzhou) new conference registration starts. 29 next month, 15000 people will be starting from the Qianjiang New Civic Center South plaza. How can you miss such a spectacular scene?! "The people’s livelihood medicine" 2016 International (Hangzhou) Trailwalker assembly by the Hangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Chinese International Animation Festival Exhibition Office, Hangzhou City, West Lake Expo Organizing Committee Office and the Hangzhou municipal CPPCC education science and technology culture public health and Sports Committee, city express to continue to participate in the party contractor. Four groups, the 15000 places, a lot? Not much at all. Last year, Hangzhou has two places are also walk conference, 15000 people, but they are in a very short period of time at an empty robbed. This is no exception. Reported that the end of the slow hand will have to wait for the coming year. What should I do? Of course, ahead of time to prepare, and so on a sign up to start immediately apply. Therefore, the "fast movement" in 2016 for international applicants (Hangzhou) Trailwalker assembly the most authoritative and detailed application. Small partners, quickly look! Registration time is September 29th 8:30-10 1 24:00 released a list of October 14th (Voyager conference website) equipment issued on October 21st -23 October 29th qianjiangxincheng Trailwalker assembly Civic Center South Plaza of 5 km route for the first time the authority released: the Civic Center South Plaza, Hangzhou International Expo Center (end point): 15 km, Center South Plaza Zhijiang road and Wujiang River the public road intersection, moonlight, Fuxing Bridge section of Binjiang bridge, Qianjiang dragon sculpture, Hangzhou International Expo Center (end point) 3050 km: Civic Center South Plaza, Hangzhou broadcasting center, moonlight, Feiyun River Road, Fuxing Bridge section of Binjiang bridge, Fuxing Bridge, Rainbow City, Qianjiang River Bridge to the bottom Wen Yan, Ding Shan Population Cultural Park Plaza, Hushan square (30 kilometers, when the statue of Yang end point), mountain city square, wonderful natural arch, a wide Field (50 km end point) Note: this year the Trailwalker assembly made a major adjustment route, covering more city landscape and scenery. After paying the fee to be successful registration login registration channel 1 (Hangzhou) International Conference Official Website (2) walk on International (Hangzhou) Trailwalker assembly official WeChat (gjyxdh): "I want to enter the process of registration" system – registered members of the official website, official website login login – "immediately reported" and read "exemption system the statement" consent and registration (do not accept "Disclaimer" will not be able to login registration page) – Select – fill out the online registration information registration groups (players with incomplete information cannot be submitted) – to confirm the registration information is complete, true and accurate after submission – confirmation registration order information correct click payment – Alipay mobile phone payment scan code Alipay online payment account login, registration fee payment success into the official website home page individual center view registration record. Note: International (Hangzhou) new conference official website has been updated, before the registered members of the official website of the players need to register again; the organizing committee opened walk QQ group (482.相关的主题文章:

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