Nanyang driver drunk driving hit a pedestrian after a chest card to lock it cad2012序列号和密钥

Drunk driving in Nanyang hit a pedestrian escape after a breastplate to lock the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Li Jia Wu Shuqiang) recently, a drunk driver halfway home accident, Nanzhao police overnight investigation, only just over an hour to find the suspects escape, and determine its identity through the breastplate. In November 1st 0, Nanzhao County Chengguan new century avenue west occurred traffic accident cases, a double row seat of the van will be a pedestrian knocked down after the escape. The traffic police on duty that night Nanzhao Public Security Police Brigade accident Squadron, Cheng Jinyuan Zhang Yundong, Lin Jianling rushed to the scene after the alarm. At the scene of the investigation, the police extracted the vehicle fell headlights shell debris and other objects, and then according to the clues provided by witnesses, drove along the 207 National Road to catch up. Village road to Nanzhao County Jiaoxiang before, the police see the roadside parked a car, then stop for inspection, found no one inside the car, driving a "Nanzhao County X field construction team on Zengmou" badge. View the appearance of the vehicle, see the front headlights no shell, door glass broken, the front bumper is also broken, and the police at the scene to extract the vehicle debris consistent. Police judge, the car is likely to be the cause of the vehicle, and the chest card on the subject Zengmou was the driver of the car, the vehicle parked here, the driver will not go far. Thus, the police get off the road along the search to both sides, just to find a person coming to the police car. The police asked loudly and called the Zengmou name, people subconsciously ah sound. Then, once went to the police, admitted his own escape. Zengmou said, was wrong he fled after a stretch, find people here to surrender then, saw a police car chase after she came. Currently, Zengmou administrative detention by the police. (Nandu Morning News)相关的主题文章:

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