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The price of gold continued to rise above $1200 to return to the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on February 20th News Title: Commodity week review: the price of gold continued to rise back above $1200, the Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Kaixiong and Zhao Xiaohui in the past two weeks (February 8th -19), the international gold price surge, not only established the psychological $1200 mark, the international price of gold back to the level of the same period in 2015. In 2015, the international gold market is affected by the Fed rate hike expectations of the way down, but with the Fed rate hike settled, coupled with the major currency countries carry out further quantitative easing, the international price of gold hit $1060 in December 2015 after the rebound quickly. In January 2016, the month rebounded by 5.17%, and returned to an important psychological barrier of $1100; then, although Chinese investors took the majority position in the Spring Festival holiday, as of February 19th, the cumulative rebound of more than 10% in February, back to the $1200. In February 19th, New York’s gold price closed at $1230.8. It is worth noting that, in the Chinese lunar calendar Spring Festival (February 8th -2 12 days) when the week, New York gold prices rose 5.57%, when the week rose more than the month of January. In fact, in the past 5 years, whenever the Chinese lunar calendar Spring Festival holiday, the international gold price will usher in a round of market, almost all of the end of the boom. Most analysts believe that the Spring Festival is Chinese physical gold consumption peak, with the development of economy China, Chinese during the Spring Festival every year, gold consumption has become a hot international gold market, Diwali festival, in India and its influence on the market has been less so, although China investors during the Spring Festival usually clearance leave, but Western investors are still on the China Spring Festival gold consumption held bullish attitude. After this round of rally a direct reason is that the Fed rate hike, although the international market expectations that the Fed will continue to raise interest rates in 2016, but when the bad economic data in the United States have let investors feel tired, plus on 2016 is an election year, the president of the new economic policy is still unknown at this time; monetary institutions the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and other major currency countries meet already or implied continued easing, provides a more relaxed policy environment three factors superimposed together for the gold rally. In the past three years, the gold price has fallen by more than 30%, which also provides an incentive for international investors to re supply gold. However, there have been warned analysts, since 2016, the international price of gold has reached a cumulative increase of 16%, short-term market risks are gathered this week (February 15th -19) has been a certain amount of profit taking, therefore, investors still need to be careful of market volatility. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

金价持续上涨 重回1200美元上方   新华社北京2月20日专电 题:大宗商品周评:金价持续上涨 重回1200美元上方   新华社记者刘开雄、赵晓辉   在过去的两周时间(2月8日-19日)里,国际金价极速上涨,不仅不仅站稳了1200美元的心理关口,更使得国际金价重新回到了2015年的同期水平。   2015年的国际黄金市场受到美联储加息预期的影响一路下行,但随着美联储加息尘埃落定,加之主要货币国家执行进一步的量化宽松政策,使得国际金价在2015年12月触及1060美元之后极速反弹。在2016年1月,当月反弹5.17%,重新站回了1100美元重要心理关口;随后尽管中国投资者因为春节假期多数立场,但截至2月19日,2月累计反弹超过10%,重新回到了1200美元之上。2月19日,纽约金价报收在1230.8美元。   值得注意的是,在中国农历春节(2月8日-2月12日)当周,纽约金价大涨5.57%,当周涨幅就超过了1月的当月涨幅。事实上,在过去5年间,每逢中国农历春节长假,国际金价就会迎来一轮行情,几乎全部都是以大涨结束。多数分析师认为,春节是中国人实物黄金的消费高峰期,随着中国经济的发展,中国人在春节期间的黄金消费已经成为每年国际黄金市场关注的热点,其对市场的影响力已经不逊色于印度的排灯节,因此,尽管中国投资者在春节期间通常会清仓离场,但西方投资者仍对中国春节的黄金消费持看多态度。   此轮金价反弹另一直接原由就是美联储加息落地之后,尽管国际市场预期美联储在2016年仍将持续加息,但美国时好时坏的经济数据已经让投资人感到疲惫,加上正逢2016年是美国大选年,新总统的经济政策仍是未知数;此时再遇上日本央行、欧洲央行等主要货币国家的货币机构已经或暗示持续宽松,三重因素叠加一起为黄金反弹提供了一个较为宽松的政策环境。   由于在过去三年间,黄金价格累计跌幅已经超过了30%,也为国际投资人重新回补黄金提供了动机。   不过,已经有分析师提出警告,进入2016年以来,国际金价已经累计涨幅达到了16%,短期内的市场风险正在聚集,而本周(2月15日-19日)已经出现一定规模的获利平仓盘,因此,投资者仍要小心市场波动。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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