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50 billion extension Xinjiang Beijing   China won the top real estate — Text brigade — people.com.cn (Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) Classic tribute to the classic, with a miracle to renew legend. The development of the times, global intelligence, Hengda Group epic masterpiece Reengineering — Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city! Acres of Lake blockbuster, international class aircraft carrier China resort facilities, reconstruction of the territory, won the top China text brigade! In 2015, Hengda Group invested 160 billion to build the world’s largest artificial island – sea flower island, with magnificent giant heroic bearing, in the world tourism books written under a thick and heavy in colours. 2016, Hengda Group will cast their eyes to the North China, to spend 50 billion of the extension of the north of Xinjiang, to build an International Resort Resort – Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city. The project covers an area of 15000 acres, set the five-star Platinum Hotel cluster, five top spa town, the children of the world water park, the top 17 business clusters supporting the integration, build all-round, full age, all-weather and all luxury carrier class cultural tourism resort. < national strategy, Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration, make rapid high value > Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city in the north of Beijing Tianjin area with the core, the integration of the national policy of good value, make rapid, become a hot new capital investment highland. At the same time, the project on the Beijing Tibet Beijing new high-speed highway G110 Xing extension rapid multi-dimensional traffic network, enjoying Beijing Zhangjiakou High-speed Rail positive, 27 minutes to Xizhimen, access to traffic unlimited value. < Beijing ecological core, Guanting lake, 85 scenic spots surrounded by many > projects; overlooking the 253 square kilometers of Guanting lake, 85 famous scenic spots in the Badaling Great Wall, surrounded by side, Tianmo tourist area, Yongding River Canyon, the station 11 4A level scenic spots surrounded by many PM2.5 all less than 50 years, flourishing landscape resources together life, natural conservation. < super five-star hotel cluster, the world enjoy the luxury experience extreme > project set within 35000? 26000 European five-star Platinum Hotels, The Tower House Hotel, 8000?? the world style hotel, 10000? International Conference Center in one, to meet and enjoy vacation, travel and other high-end exotic experience needs. < five hot springs town, the head of North China, health resort > 30000 top five hot springs town, the natural bottom of the hot springs, the state identified the five high warm water (the highest standard), the first hot springs in North china. Nearly 100 hot spring pools, including Italy hot springs, Turkey art theme of salt bath, SPA, Japanese, Thai Tang Quan Finland polar spa, enjoy exotic spa experience. < the children of the world water park, enjoy the fun and passion of 360 mu > children’s water park, build peak snow road area, river rapids waves District, interpretation of the theme area, family fun area, slide zone limit recreation area; children’s dream city, happy children naughty fort, vocational experience, passion bumper car dynamic, video games and other fun rides).相关的主题文章:

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