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Dental-Care Bad breath in Fort Lauderdale it can ruin a personal relationship, earn you nicknames that stick for a lifetime and alienate you from your work colleagues. No matter how friendly, nice and productive an individual you are, bad breath in Fort Lauderdale will always set you aside as the person that no one really wants to get close to. Unfortunately, the people with the most odorous oral emanations always tend to somehow be completely unaware of their problem! However, if you are afraid that bad breath in Fort Lauderdale may be your affliction, and not that of your pesky office colleague, relative or poker mate, then here are some tips and information from the dentist’s office you may find very useful! What Causes Bad Breath in Fort Lauderdale? Bad breath in Fort Lauderdale is caused by bacterial activity in the mouth. To have beautiful fresh breath 100% of the time means to have an oral cavity that is completely free of bacteria 100% of the time which is just plain impossible. Even after a hot shower, your skin is crawling with invisible microbes, so can you imagine whats going on in your mouth; a warm, damp place full of food particles and sugary residues? Brushing, flossing and anti-bacterial mouthwash is the most effective arsenal against bad breath in Fort Lauderdale on a daily basis. In other words: good oral hygiene. However, maintaining crisp fresh breath also means steering clear of certain foods, drinks and habits that can cause bad breath in Fort Lauderdale, especially smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products [garlic can be forgiven because everybody loves Italian food!] Having said this, bad breath in Fort Lauderdale sometimes cannot be kept at bay through good oral hygiene alone. Sometimes, bad breath can be a symptom of a much more serious underlying condition, such as periodontal disease in Fort Lauderdale [although chances are that if you look after your teeth really well, you wont develop this terrible oral affliction.] Bad Breath in Fort Lauderdale: What Can I Do? Bad breath in Fort Lauderdale can be a socially and professionally crippling condition. What you need to know is that there are solutions available to you, but first you need a diagnosis. Periodontal disease in Fort Lauderdale is a chronic and acute bacterial infection of the gums and is a leading cause of chronic bad breath. Thankfully, with treatment, your oral health can recover from this dangerous condition that is linked with respiratory and cardiovascular disease, not to mention tooth loss and edentulism [complete toothlessness]. So, if you suspect that you suffer from bad breath in Fort Lauderdale: 1. Ask a close friend or relative for their honest opinion. 2. If you do have bad breath in Fort Lauderdale, then book an appointment with the dentist who will perform a thorough oral examination to determine the source of your malodorous breath. 3. Should you have an oral infection, such as gingivitis or periodontal disease in Fort Lauderdale, your dentist will plan a course of treatment. This will include a thorough professional cleaning of your teeth [and possibly tooth roots as well]. 4. If an oral bacterial infection is not the problem, then your bad breath in Fort Lauderdale may be linked with an underlying medical condition in the stomach, throat, sinuses or even lungs. 5. You should mention any medications that youre on, sleeping problems, the presence of dry mouth [xerostomia] and habits, such as smoking or alcohol consumption, to your dentist. This will help him determine the underlying cause of your chronic bad breath in Fort Lauderdale. Bad Breath in Fort Lauderdale: A Final Note Never ignore bad breath in Fort Lauderdale; even if you suspect that brushing more frequently will solve your problem. It could be a symptom of periodontal disease in Fort Lauderdale and this terrible oral affliction, left untreated, leads to tooth loss. Seek the immediate attention of your gentle dentist! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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