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Networking The Global information network is a worldwide, private, members-only association dedicated to helping members create wealth, generate large monthly residual incomes, improve emotional well being, and achieve dynamic vibrant health. In addition, the Global Information Network has created the most unique innovative money-making opportunity of all time. GIN provides its members with exclusive confidential, never-before-released information regarding the following: * * The Law of Attraction * * Money Making Opportunities * * Investing * * Worldwide Real Estate Opportunities * * Stocks, Bonds, and Trading * * Commodities, Worldwide Currencies * * Offshore Banking * * Asset Protection * * Natural Remedies and Cures for Illnesses * * Secret Societies * * And Much More The key elements to have success in MLM : 1.Sign up people anywhere in the world (global) 2.People say the product is to expensive (amway, monavie, true chocolate, etc.) There is a lot of great companies out there with a great products but in order to pay all this commissions the price of this product has to be very high. (You can buy this similar product online or in health store much cheaper).Product is important (Gin product (membership) you can’t get anywhere else it’s exclusive) 3.You get a percentage of the (dues) product sells. Well, 80% of the people in the MLM company don’t sell anything. Even if you have a 1000 people in your downline or organization if they don’t sell any product you don’t make any money. (At Gin everyone has $150 monthly dues if they don’t pay their dues they’re kick out, they’re no longer a member). So You have virtually 100% people in your downline that are doing their $150 each and every month.Which means your check is virtually Guaranteed. You can’t have that in any other programs. 4.People say; Who do I talk to after I talk to my friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. In every other network marketing company they say; The Three Foot Rule (Three Foot Rule states that whenever you’re within three feet of someone, you should talk to them about your business ). Well, if you are a super salesman maybe that will work for you. But 95% of people are not a super salesman and You are not going to some stranger in the elevator and start telling them :" Hey I got a great way to make money." That’s not gonna to work. Which is why most people who join network marketing companies quit in the first six month, because they don’t have anybody to talk to. We solved that problem. We have a "Hot Leads" Program( On TV we sell Your Wish Is Your Command recommended by law of attraction expert – Dr Joe Vitale: Your Wish Is Your Command 相关的主题文章:

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