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Fashion-Style The Metropolis Titanium Ionic Digital Flat Iron is a versatile piece of styling tool that uses both effective methods of titanium and ionic technologies. It works amazingly, making it quick and easy to dry, detangle, and straighten hair in one easy step and even locks in moisture and gloss. Metropolis Titanium Ionic Digital Flat Iron is rich with recently discovered technologies that make hair styling process not only fun and exciting, but also safe. The integration of Infrared and negative-ion technology allows you to style more effectively in less time. It allows you to create straight, curly and wavy styles. To get tight curls, glide the iron down the hair strand slowly, and to get loose waves, just glide it down faster. And to flip hair, it is as simple as using a round brush when flipping ends up or under. Also the product features a high tech digital adjustable temperature – up to 400 degrees F for complete control. Getting your hair styled in minutes is so easy with this Metropolis device. This styling rod is extremely resistant to heat, solvents, chemical and corrosion. The titanium plates are incredibly durable providing an ultra smooth surface providing maximum plate to hair contact. It has super smooth surface that yields maximum plate-to-hair contact. Its cutting-edge negative ions and distant infra-red rays gently close the hair cuticle. Further there are 360 degree swivel cord to prevent tangling and floating plates for creative styling options. Extreme heat resistance and durability; AC 110V 60Hz for use in USA/Canada; 10 year limited warranty are also worth mentioning. It is loved by many for its Zero-drag performance and massive negative ion generation. By smoothing and tightening the hair shaft’s outer cuticle, it leaves hair manageable, soft and shiny. So if you want to change your looks and not want to go to the salon every time you want a different hairstyle, then the Metropolis Titanium Ionic Digital Flat Iron can do the trick. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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