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Choosing To Take Part In Minding Global Water Usage Posted By: Daniel Stouffer As the concept of sustainability is getting to the mainstream, organizations are expanding initiatives for sustainable resource planning. Little to no attention has been given to other areas like water management, notwithstanding the fact that global water usage is supposed to be everybody’s main agenda. Carbon emissions around the world must be, quite rightly, the focus of corporate attention. However, global water usage is also unsustainable and could, in fact, turn out to be an even larger problem than greenhouse gas emissions. Many experts believe that we will run out of water on our current path way before we deplete our non-renewable fuel sources. You can ask any company its cause to pursue sustainability as you would like to find the rationale of such efforts. Problems associated to GHG emissions and energy efficiency would dominate the discussions. After all, much publicity has been given to the damage caused by excess energy production and consumption and the need to mitigate carbon emissions. By current estimates, according to a collaborative watchdog group, the 2030 Water Resources Group, global water requirements will increase by more than 50% by the time that we reach 2030.global water usage sustainable water management greenhouse gas emissions carbon emissions Water Resources Group global water usage Sustainable Resource Planning: The Importance Of Waste Management Facts And Figures Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Minding waste management facts and figures of your own company can help encourage change in the society on a larger scale. Organizations should be very clear when they determine waste management facts and figures, to make sure that they adopt a plan that will be tenable, as well as sustainable. Most often than not, an establishment’s decision-makers would only consider recycling programs to be one of the requirements for the society without realizing that savings for the company can be realized from implementing this initiative too. Waste management facts generally show us that as a society we are grossly inefficient. With the current waste disposal practices, about 95% of the total volume of wastes go to the landfilla, thereby being ineffective. A typical landfill is a grossly inefficient way of dealing with our mountains of waste. We simply bury the solid waste that will not degrade, in some cases, for decades. In addition to the fact that the landfill is an eyesore, it is responsible for the generation of liquid leachate, methane and carbon dioxide and our landfills are very contributor to our greenhouse gas problems.Waste management facts waste management greenhouse gas sustainability supply chain Waste management facts Spell Out Your Waste Reduction Strategy Posted By: Daniel Stouffer A research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2009 describes how an organization’s waste reduction strategy can bring down operational costs. This study indicates how carbon emission abatement can be helped with waste reduction and recycling. This study examined emissions in an entire lifecycle to arrive at these conclusions. Some of the waste reduction strategy findings by the EPA are quite startling. EPA also finds that recycling construction debris alone could actually curtail over 150 million metric tons of carbon emissions, which can be as big as the entire carbon footprint of North Carolina. The same study arrived at a conclusion that it is important to increase the lifespan of products that are used and produced by organizations as an essential part of an effective waste reduction strategy. An initiative by the Environmental Protection Agency demonstrates how a defined waste reduction strategy can help reduce costs in operations for a given business. The study suggests that carbon emission abatement from waste reduction and recycling can be significant. The EPA study in 2009 looked at emissions across an entire lifecycle in order to come up with these conclusions.verisaecom sustainable resource planning sustainability daniel stouffer Waste reduction grants environmental stewardship waste disposal sustainability verisaecom Waste Reduction Grants Focus On Stewardship Posted By: Daniel Stouffer The state of California is leading the country when it comes to initiatives for climate protection. California requires all local governments to take a step in ensuring that waste is reduced by up to 50% from the levels in 1990. All businesses in the state of California are eligible to waste reduction grants as long as they will have concerted efforts in the reduction of waste that they are sending to the landfills. Based on the figures from the state of California, the most common waste that goes to the landfill from corporate disposal is paper. Plastic is also another significant problem, comprising up to 25% of the waste emitted from manufacturing operations and warehouses. California leads the nation in many areas associated with climate protection. The state of California requires all local governments to meet the waste reduction target by up to 50% from what was indicated in the 1990 levels. Individual businesses in the state are eligible for waste reduction grants if they make concerted efforts to reduce the amount of waste that they send to landfills. In the state of California, waste reduction grants are offered to eligible businesses.Waste reduction grants environmental stewardship waste disposal sustainability verisae daniel stouffer sustainable resource planning SRP Waste reduction grants Uk Carbon Legislation And Cap And Trade Scheme Posted By: Daniel Stouffer A lot of people think that the Congress of the United States has not been paying much attention on climate-related issues way back 2009, as the key issue tackled by the legislators of that year was health care. Many believe that as energy related concerns are gaining significant media attention, it is most probable that carbon legislation must already being cooked up and is on its way. As the first days of spring emerged to release the frozen United States from a tough winter, it appeared that both houses of Congress could turn their attention to energy matters, following the landmark passage of a health reconstruction bill. According to the chief creator of the carbon legislation, Sen. John Kerry, would now be next in line and action could be expected in short order. Many people believe that the United States Congress works in mysterious ways. It is very evident that the United States Congress has been paying so much attention on universal health care in 2009. While the subject certainly grabbed the main focus of media attention, many believed that energy related issues would be considered next on the agenda and that carbon legislation was still a distinct possibility.carbon management carbon emissions sustainability cap and trade verisae inc daniel stouffer sustainable resource planning SRP carbon management California Climate Registry Committed To Helping Organizations Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Posted By: Daniel Stouffer The Climate Registry commits to help curtail climate change through providing educational support to companies which aim to track and report greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Registry had only 20 or so members when it was first formed, but has grown to include all the 300 major corporations, municipalities, universities, government agencies and other organizations involved in environmental issues. All members shall oversee, measure, and report GHG emissions voluntarily. Collectively, they are actively working towards a solution to climate change. To help verify and report their greenhouse gas emissions, the Climate Registry members actively and coluntarily participate in measures to do so. Registry members are given appropriate consideration by the state of California for foresight purposes. As soon as state, federal or even global greenhouse gas regulations shall be implemented, these will also be seriously taken into account. A bill was introduced to the state legislature of California which formed the Climate Registry after a group of CEOs lobbied for it. Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill into law on October 13, 2001 to form the structure of the registry.california climate registry sustainable resource planning climate action registry carbon emissions tracking carbon emissions reporting GHG emissions G california climate registry Uk Emphasis On Low Carbon Inititiatives Accelerates Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Among the developed countries, the UK’s government is more advanced in its climate change advocacy and initiatives to make a statement in attacking issues on global warming. Carbon trading scheme has already been launched for most big establishments and more emphasis is pressed on low carbon emissions. The British government is now considering a plan that will force some of the major electricity producers to buy a significant proportion of their power from low carbon sources, such as nuclear power plants. The ‘low carbon litigation’ could actually compel establishments like the British Gas to procure a bigger chunk of their energy from alternative sources which will produce relatively low carbon. Of all the industrialized nations, it appears that the United Kingdom’s government is far more proactive when it comes to issues of climate change and the introduction of real steps to make a difference. In the UK, more attention is focused on the adoption of low carbon emission initiatives, even including the implementation of the ‘carbon trading scheme’ for the bigger establishments.sustainability sustainable resource planning verisae inc daniel stouffer low carbon emissions trading scheme carbon emissions sustainability The Importance Of Enterprise Energy Management Systems Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Enterprise carbon and energy management (ECEM) systems will become any organization’s most powerful and important tool in the new carbon economy as it stands as a combination of essential software services to aid efficient carbon and energy use reduction. Such systems are in the process of redefining how an organization addresses its impact on the world. They are moving from a position where financial elements tend to rule decision-making to one where societal responsibilities play a significant part of business strategy. As carbon becomes a new entry on a corporate balance sheet, organizations must scramble to understand the implications. Several years ago, carbon has never been thought to be a commodity of today and which can be economically viable and a traceable liability at the same time. As the market is developing, systems are being molded complementary to these development. The goal posts are moving but no one really knows yet where they will land and who will be keeping score. Information technology is a multi-billion dollar industry, incorporating a multi-faceted approach to a typical organization’s structure. Information systems exist to track organizational performance, up time and to pull together the overall efficiency of assets, human capital, and product delivery.Enterprise carbon and energy management ecem carbon management energy management sustainability energy efficiency risk management Verisae sustainabili Enterprise carbon and energy management Improving Energy Efficiency With Smart Grid Projects Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Smart grid project will help improve energy efficiency within an energy grid and could help a lot in realizing savings on electricity and saving the environment. The retail sector, as well as other business enterprises and entities, are implementing smart grid projects in an effort to save on energy costs, move towards energy independence and become a positive influence on the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. There are a number of smart grid projects that companies can implement, depending on their infrastructure. Among the efforts are smart meters to better monitor electricity usage, energy management software to monitor, track and report all forms of energy use, and renewable generation, such as solar panels or wind power. Federal policy makers, environmentalists and regulators are pushing for companies to observe energy efficiency. The new US administration has signified its intention to make the national energy grid modernized in line with it economic stimulus. Organizations are thereby encouraged to benefit from federal funding by state and federal initiatives which will make enhancements and improvements to enterprise energy infrastructure.smart grid technology energy efficiency sustainable resource planning sustainability verisae smart grid technology Efficient Smart Grid Architecture Reduces The Cost Of Energy Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Several countries are now working on the development of an ultra efficient electricity delivery network, which allows electricity to be delivered between supplier and consumer through the use of smart grid architecture. Such a network will help to promote energy independence and will go a long way in the battle against global warming. The use of smart grid architecture has been especially beneficial to a number of facilities, including universities, retail stores, hospitals, warehouses, production facilities, and other enterprises that feature multiple locations. Effective metering and automation will be able to ensure that the monitoring of the efficiency of electricity use shall be conducted consistently. Companies have found that they can manage their energy consuming equipment much more effectively when they combine smart grid architecture with software that tracks energy management. Although the cost of electricity fluctuates during periods of different demand, companies that use energy management software have found that they can reduce their demand during high peak times. A smart grid architecture helps to efficiently manage energy and track its usage through the integration of design and procurement technologies.smart grid architecture energy efficiency sustainable resource planning verisae sustainability enterprise energy management smart grid architecture Companies Benefit From Energy Asset Management Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Enterprises gather data from energy systems of the whole organization in reference to energy asset management. The data collected will then be evaluated by the company’s management to determine the efficiency of energy systems in facilities. With the Climate Registry requiring companies to cut down energy use, consequent carbon emissions from burning of fuel will be reduced. Facilities, companies, municipalities and organizations across North America, its’ states, provinces, territories and native sovereign nations, participate in a voluntary agreement. The Climate Registry works towards a common goal to identify, track and record greenhouse gas emissions. This is an ongoing effort to help in the reduction of global warming. A key component under the Climate Registry is emissions reporting. This procedure pushes companies to take action in identifying emissions and to prepare methods that would curtail and manage such. Current and future greenhouse gas emissions can be managed, with the goal of reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Within an electrical distribution grid, energy asset management covers all sources — distributed generation of energy, energy storage devices and renewable energy sources.energy asset management sustainability sustainable resource planning energy efficiency enterprise energy management energy asset management Realizing Energy Savings With Smart Grid Technology Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Smart meters can be a bit expensive but could help in making energy capacity distribution more efficient to help reduce energy consumption. In most situations, consumers never realize their high energy consumption until they receive their month’s end utility bills. Money and time invested on developing alternative energy sources might just be useless unless the power distribution grid performs well in the efficient integration and translation of power. There might be major energy problems in the future as the electricity demand would be very high, unless an excellent management of smart grids will be implemented. People will be using electric vehicles in the future. There will be a high number of people who will be recharging their cars when they reach their respective homes at the end of the day. This could put strain on the system’s load. Consumers will end up paying more as the demand is already very high. Smart meter and grids are capable in allowing communication between end users and energy sources. This serves as an educational platform that could encourage consumers to choose and "shop wisely" in terms of energy consumption.smart grid smart meters smart grid management sustainable resource planning energy reduction smart grid Obama’s Eo13514 Focuses On Federal Agency Sustainabillity Efforts Posted By: Daniel Stouffer Through the release of an executive order, energy reform and emission reduction has gained a significant spotlight around the country. President Obama’s latest Executive Order 13415 may have been received with little fanfare in the populist media, but is likely to have a very significant effect on overall energy use in the United States. President Obama has received some criticism for not being more vocal in his support for climate change, for not recognizing that the USA must take a lead in environmental issues. After signing his latest executive order, energy change advocates granted him some credibility for at least taking a step to curb the carbon emissions of the country’s largest polluter, the federal government. Through the release of an executive order, energy reform and emission reduction has gained a significant spotlight around the country. President Obama’s latest EO may have been received with little fanfare in the populist media, but is likely to have a very significant effect on overall energy use in the United States. Pres. George W. Bush was known for his reticence when it came to anything associated with climate change and energy restrictions.Obamas executive order sustainable resource planning sustainability program energy reform emission reduction EO President Obamas EO climate change Obamas executive order 相关的主题文章:

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