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Religion Lord Krishna is the famous India God as the Avatar of Lord Vishnu who is portrayed as a dark youthful boy playing a melodious flute in Hindu philosophy. The stories of Lord Krishna depict him as a divine hero, a prankster, the supreme power and a model & ideal lover in Bhagvata Purana. The sculptures of Lord Krishna are famous worldwide with multiple heads, arms, with a chakra, as a charioteer and as a Vishnu Avatar. There are 108 names of Lord Krishna described in Hindu religion. Lord Krishna murtis are available in different poses with God characteristics in Hindu Religion Art. Krishna idols are immensely popular worldwide in unique poses. If you are interested in buying a murti of Krishna then you can explore a number of religious sculpture suppliers online. Murti of Lord Krishna is produced with different type of material and is decorated with imaginative paint colours. Sparkling beads, shimmering stones and metal bars enhances the charm of Krishna murtis. Krishna playing flute music is the crafted idol that will enchant your soul for sure as it is crafted with 22carat gold. This attractive image of Krishna leaves a religious as well as a generous impression on your heart and soul. A Radha Krishna locket is a wonderful gift to wear around the neck of your loved one and kids. It comes with a small chain as it is crafted with shinning rhinestones fitted on a gold base. A Krishna Idol as a Nanda Maharaja is drafted with a divine image of the Young Prince Krishna and with a Cow is a breathtaking sculpture. It is an ideal murti to gift to the near & dear ones on the special occasions. However, you can find a contemporary range of 25 versions of this sculpture online where 900, 000 cows of Prince Krishna are named differently. All statuettes of Lord Krishna are perfect for gifting on thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthday occasions to your loved ones. Moreover, you can present a Krishna statue to your friends on a wedding occasion, congratulation occasion and as a housewarming gift. You can also consider Krishna paintings, Bhajan & Kirtan and Mantras of Lord Krishna to make your gift more valuable. Krishna idol in Rass- Leela pose with Gopis in Brij is a popular one. All Krishna sculptures are being crafted in Gold, marble and Sandalwood material to meet the customer requirements. However, the prices of each & every idol vary as per the material used and dimensions of chosen sculptures. Murti of Krishna is a great home dcor as it adds a great charm to your home ambience. You can locate some online sculpture suppliers in your area who offer a free home delivery option with cash on delivery facility. Nevertheless, you can make an online payment via bank transfer after choosing a desired Krishna sculpture. After paying an amount, you can receive the shipment of your product within a few working days. Thus, if you want to buy an original and a unique idol of Lord Krishna then place an online order today to get your product delivered at your doorsteps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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