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Computers-and-Technology Selection of the Project Manager is one of the two or three most important decisions considering the project. The following is a list of some of the most popular attributes, skills, and qualities that have been sought when selecting project managers; A strong technical background A hard-nosed manager A mature individual Someone who is currently available Someone on good terms with senior executives A person who can keep the project team happy. A person who can walk on (or part) water These reasons for choosing a PM are not so much wrong as they are not right. They miss the key criterion. Above all, the best PM is the one who can get the job done! As any senior manager knows, hard workers are easy to find. What is rare is the individual whose focus is on the completion of a difficult job. Of all the characteristics desirable in a PM, this drive to complete the task is the most important. It is not sufficient the PM simply possess one specific quality, they must also be perceived by others to have the right demeanour and skill set. The fact and the perception are equally important. The PM needs two kinds of credibility. First is technical credibility. The PM must be perceived by the client, senior executives, the functional departments, and the project team as possessing sufficient technical knowledge to direct the project. The PM does not have a high level of expertise, know more than any individual team members, or be able to stand toe-to-toe and intellectually slug it out with experts in the various functional areas. Quite simply, the PM has to have reasonable understanding of the base technologies on which the project rests, must be able to explain project technology to senior management, and must be able to interpret the technical needs and wants of the client and stakeholders to the project team. Second, the PM must be administratively credible. The PM has several key administrative responsibilities that must be performed with apparently effortless skill. One of these responsibilities is to the client and senior management. To keep the project on schedule and within cost and make sure that project reports are accurate and timely. This can place the PM in an ethically awkward situation sometimes. Another responsibility is to the project team, to make sure that material, equipment, and labour are available when needed. Still another responsibility is to represent the interests of all parties to the project that is to the team, management, functional departments and client. The PM is truly the person in the middle. Finally, the PM is responsible for making the tough trade-off decisions for the project, and must be perceived as a person who has the mature judgement and courage to do so consistently. In addition to a good, working set of political antennae, the PM needs to sense interpersonal conflict on the project team or between team members and outsiders. Successful PMs are not conflict avoiders. Quite the opposite, they sense conflict very early and confront it before it escalates into interdepartmental and intradepartmental warfare. The PM musty keep project members cool. This is not easy. As with any group of humans, rivalries, jealousies, friendships, and hostilities are sure to exist. The PM must persuade people to co-orperate irrespective of personal feelings, to set aside personal likes and dislikes, and to focus on achieving project goals. Finally the PM needs a sensitive set of technical sensors. It is common, unfortunately, for otherwise competent and honest team members to try to hide their failures. Individuals who cannot work under stress would be well advised to avoid project organisations. In the pressure cooker life of the project, failure is particularly threatening. Remember that we staffed the team with people who are task orientated. Team members with this orientation may not be able to tolerate their own failures, and will hide failure rather than admit to it. The PM must be able to sense when things are being swept under the rug and not progressing properly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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