unique crystal inclusions are still are precious stones. The main colors of purple crystal are purple-blue and purple-red 司机侮辱中国游客

Fashion-Style Crystal is an ancient gem variety, it has long been known as the "water spirit, water jade and bodhisattva stone reputation, it belongs rare gemstone. It is transparent quartz (SiO2) crystals. Generally its colorless and transparent, still others are gray, dark ink, purple, yellow and brown, but these colors are not common. Crystal is mainly distributed in South America and Asia, South America Brazil crystal is rich in resources, in the last few decades, the export occupies the 90% of world exports about. And then is the Madagascar and Guatemala. There is a small amount of crystal distribute in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Turkey, and more than 30 countries and regions. Asia Crystal is mainly distributed in China and India. In China, crystal is mainly distributed in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province. According to its productive process, crystal can be divided into two major categories, natural crystal and artificial crystal. Natural crystal use is very extensive, according to the characteristics and uses; it can be divided into four major categories, piezoelectric crystal, optical crystal, melting crystals and technical Crystal Jewelry . Intact crystal is drill six prism-shaped, especially the surface; the general is all of six surfaces. That’s very regular. Its uncommon that crystal has five or seven surfaces. Crystals specific gravity is 2.65 – 2.66, hardness is 7, melting point is 1713 . Crystal has good temperature resistance, poor thermal conductivity and chemical stability. Defect-free natural crystal has piezoelectric properties. Due to the crystal contains various different pigment impurities, it forms various color. According to their characteristics, crystal can be divided into many different varieties. Yellowish crystal is more colorful than tawny crystal, like Topaz. The real Topaz gemstone has high density and high hardness, it is exiguous and rare. But the jewelry made of yellowish crystal almost can mix the false with the genuine ". There has dark yellowish crystal output in Brazilian minerals; it can be used for making topaz and selling as a real topaz. Yellowish crystal is a valuable variety of crystal grade. The tawny crystal and ink crystal are the best materials to produce glasses. Tawny crystals varies in color from light tawny to dark brown; ink crystal is similar to black. The main colors of yellowish crystal are golden yellow, orange-yellow, brownish-yellow and light yellow. The yellowish crystal with translucent, bright and flawless is better. Such yellowish crystal in order to achieve good color affects, most of them are subject to heat treatment. Milky crystal, also known as milky quartz, its semi-transparent and white color, often caused by contain more liquid inclusions gas. Crystal inclusions are supposed to be as a rare jewel and were highly praised in ancient times. Today, unique crystal inclusions are still are precious stones. The main colors of purple crystal are purple-blue and purple-red, purple crystal with colorful, translucent, bright and flawless is better. Purple crystal has wide use and large quantity, it is more important than other crystal, purple crystal used for making jewelry needs good quality, but size requirements are not strictly. Purple crystal used for making jade carving has low requirements than making jewelry. Crystal inclusions are varied, more common and the most famous are Rutilated crystal and bubbles crystal. Rutilated crystal is a crystal within the thin Minerals, such as body hair, as a matter within the packet length in the crystal, known as hair crystal. Bubbles crystal is a crystal contained bubbles. These rare and precious crystals need to be observed the site and status of the inclusions, in order to let jade carving master display their skills to determine its value in use About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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