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Mobil-Computing Never one to shy away from innovation, Apple has made a name for itself by being a company where transcending boundaries and thinking ahead have become the norm. From their breakthrough think different ad in the late 80s which challenged the status quo, to the introduction and explosion of the first generation iPod, the Silicon Valley giant are masters at creating products – and tools – that people, the world over, covet and go crazy for. Keeping this in mind, it is no secret why iPhone and iPad developers and iPhone/iPad development are growing exponentially. A look at the numbers of the companys App Store adds credence to this statement. With more than 775,000 apps in the Apple App Store, iPhone developers have an outlet where their work can be viewed and shared by a plethora of other dedicated users and creators – as the Apple App store boasts a user base of 500 million users. iPhone developers have been able to leverage the App Store community and have made over $7 Billion dollars! With the numbers being healthy (and high) for both developer profit potential and the App Store user base as a whole, it is no wonder why iPhone development continues to become one of the most attractive tech-based ventures. Along with the high numbers associated with iPhone developers earning potential and iPhone development on a grand scale, the Apple iPad cannot be left out of the equation, when looking at its attractiveness to both iPad developer and iPad development in the bigger picture. Again, since numbers dont lie, here are some digits to think about when assessing the impact Apples revolutionary tablet has had on customers. There are currently more than 300,000 apps specifically designed for the iPad. The numbers have seen a drastic increase when compared to the October totals, when only about 250,000 iPad-only apps were available. The increase in iPad development shows how persuasive and innovative Apple has become in the early days of the company. The mobile movement – both iPhone development and iPad development, along with the activities and habits of iPhone developers and iPad developers – shows that Apple sold more mobile devices in 2012 than theyve sold computers – ever! Having passed more than 40 billion downloads since launching in 2008, and with new, shiny and innovative products – like the iPad and iPhone being continually developed and harnessed by both developers and customers alike, Apple continues to push the envelope – and people are happy to oblige their efforts. So whether youre a fan of iPhone development or iPad development or are an iPhone developer or iPad development, outlets like the App Store allow you to think different and show your creations off to a wide customer base. And as the numbers continue to grow, so too will Apples influence on the ever-evolving mobile movement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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