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Business The guys at Wealthy Affiliate have put together a well thought out, interactive, internet marketing community. Wealthy Affiliate is going to provide you lots of information, tools, as well as guides that will put you eons ahead of the average marketer in your learning to make money online. The Wealthy Affiliate Community is always there to hold your hand and everything there is designed to help you quickly rise to the top and be a cut above the rest as a "wealthy affiliate". Affiliate Marketing is really easy. The idea is that you (as an affiliate) send traffic to the vendor’s website. The vendor compensates you with a commission whenever someone decides to buy using your affiliate link. You being the affiliate marketer- are able to collect commissions for almost anything on the internet. Take for example a software program for sale on the internet. Let’s call it PSP Download Software. Say they pay their affilaites a $30 commission for each customer that you as an affiliaite bring to them through your affiliate link. Alright, just one referral isn’t going to make you rich or anything like that. Think for a moment, get a vision in your mind of getting just 1 affiliate sale per day on 9 or 16 products. How does that sit in your craw? Thirty dollars times nine sales equals $270/day! Can you handle that? Or say 16 sales per day times thirty dollars- yep, that’s right, $480! With a little work you are going to discover how easy it is to get up and running at $400-$500 per day in affiliate marketing commissions. It’s one of the best kept secrets. Each day there are guys and gals just like you and we are out here making more than 50 sales each and everyday- yes, as cliche’ as it sounds- in our PJ’s. You’ve heard that before, because it’s true. People just don’t believe it. I digress. So, at 50 sales per day, everyday at $20 each- you’d be making $360,000 per year. I don’t know about you, but that would be MORE than a lifestyle change for me, that would be a life of luxury. If you are making that much money per month, you are going to have expenses. Can you imagine having your "poor" friends over and dropping the comment "well, Bob, my ‘expenses’ were ONLY about $10K this month"? Imagine seeing his jaw drop! Wealthy Affiliate gives you the guidance, tools, and support to be in that position. When you join up over at Wealthy Affiliate you will be amazed at the resources that Kyle and Carson, the founders- have put together for us. You’ll be able to track your links and see what is converting. There is free web-hosting, keyword and advanced clickbank research tools. A very popular benefit at Wealthy Affiliate forum is the personal support you get from Kyle and Carson- the two internet millionaire founders in their 20’s. The feedback that happens at the forum is always very helpful Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone. No matter if you just started out or are already advanced at affiliate marketing and wanting to get to the next level. No website? No problem. At Wealthy Affiliate your membership includes webspace to host your website. There are pre-built sites ready for you or you can use one of Carson and Kyle’s templates. How much is this going to cost me you ask? Well, first, think about the cost of a class similar to this one at a university close to you. The avg. cost for a 4 credit hr class is $400 a semester. You can get a Wealthy Affiliate membership for just $29.99. If you keep your membership at the Wealthy Affiliate forum it is going to cost much less than a college class. Also, you are going to gain access to tutorials, guides and members only forum which is worth the price of admission alone. You’ll have access to all of the tools you need to make money on the internet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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