so you finally get ambiguous words and sentences. Although these tools can be practical in giving you an overall concept of what the source text says 乐基儿再婚 薛之谦怒摔话筒

Internet-and-Business-Online Individuals and companies that can offer a quality translation in Spanish are experiencing high demand. In the US there is also an increasing need for Spanish interpreters, especially in the medical area where the supply has not kept up with the demand. Here are some statistics that explain the reasons for this rising demand: Spanish is now the third most widely utilized language in the world About 30 million people in the US speak Spanish. By the year 2005, the number of Spanish-speaking Latinos in the U.S. got to 40 million Nearly all Hispanic immigrants want to learn English, but find it hard to do so. Hispanics constitute one of the largest minority groups in the nation and demand for translation in Spanish from English is growing quickly. Many business enterprises require translation services in order to provide their clients with documents and materials in their original language and reduce the language barriers between them. Bilingual Ability Does Not Guarantee a Reliable Translation Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, and there are plenty of Spanish-speaking people currently residing in the United States. However, speaking two languages is not sufficient to make a good translation, and bilingual people tend to do literal translations. The Spanish language contains unique properties and subtleties that are commonly lost to non-native Spanish speakers. Furthermore, they must possess a complete knowledge of Spanish. Machine Translation and Translation Software: These resources are practical for single words or phrases. They generally create literal or word-for-word translations, so you finally get ambiguous words and sentences. Although these tools can be practical in giving you an overall concept of what the source text says, they cant communicate the complete significance of the text especially in long sentences. In spite the advance of these translation resources, they can never substitute the human element in translation. A Translation in Spanish Can Really Improve Your Company Hispanics represent the nations largest and fastest developing minority group, and with an ever rising buying power and sophistication as consumers. Research indicates that Latino populations disposable income is calculated to increase by about 8% per year. Language is one of the best and unmistakable examples of this phenomenon. Spanish is likely to remain the preferred language among U.S. Latinos. As a company owner this is a U.S. consumer group you would want to focus on. Cost Shouldn’t Be the Main Factor for Your Translation Determinations A Miami T-shirt company printed shirts for the Spanish market that were supposed to say, I Saw the Pope. Instead they read, I Saw the Potato. As a business owner, its essential for you to realize that an unreliable translation means a bad image for your company. Therefore, make sure that every written or spoken text your company creates in Spanish; whether it is a document, packaging label, product information, etc. has the proper translation in Spanish. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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