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Quit-Smoking Traditional cigarettes are currently being replaced with electronic cigarettes, with great benefits and avoiding the drawbacks of standard tobacco and paper cigarettes, the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is the next generation of cigarette smoking!! What makes the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette amazing is that the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is actually smoke free. It is an innovative gadget that enables smokers to inhale water vapor with nicotine. Electronic cigarettes emit only a tiny fraction of nicotine that is normally emitted by the regular cigarette. Tobacco smoking causes lot of damage to our lungs because it has so many other elements that affect our health. An electric cigarette gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere, either indoors or outdoors in a smoking or non-smoking environment, all the while saving your health and your money. The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette feels, looks and tastes like the real thing, without the smoke, odor and harmful ingredients associated with traditional tobacco products. Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes only consist of two pieces, the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge contains a solution of nicotine and water vapor. Since the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is smoke free, you can smoke it anywhere a traditional cigarette cannot go! Switching to a lighter cartridge offers Green Smokers an easy way to reduce their nicotine consumption over time. Switching to electronic cigarettes will help cut-down on the over four trillion cigarette butts that litter sidewalks around the world each year. Plus, electronic cigarettes aren’t made of natural resources, such as paper and tobacco plants. Traditional cigarettes contain over 4000 chemical substances; many of them harmful and carcinogenic to the human body. Smoking discolors your teeth, it is bad for your skin, gives you bad breath and is dangerous to passive smokers around you and in your home. Traditional cigarettes can be the cause of fires, both in the home, and in the countryside . As there is no flame, there is no danger of fire to yourself or others or to the landscape. Tobacco cigarettes cost an average of $5 per pack, and in some states, they are as high as $10 -$12. Over the course of a year you can save hundreds of dollars by switching to Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes. Smokers who switch to Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes enjoy a better alternative to conventional cigarettes which have numerous health risks. Smoking a electronic cigarette is a much safer healthier option. Smokers who buy the 0mg version can use it in order to help them kick the habit. They go through the motion of smoking, and get the taste and experience, but they don’t get any nicotine, tar, or other harmful additives that traditional cigarettes have. The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette will not only help save you money, but it will not have the health hazards a normal cigarette has, is Eco-friendly, and is convenient in a "smoke anywhere" form. Isn’t it time to for a change? Try Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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