Cut Your Commute And Save Big On Your Car Insurance 收费员与司机僵持 男子喷射防狼喷雾

Insurance Are you still spending your mornings and nights sitting in the middle of rush hour traffic? Why? Granted, there are some occupations that don’t allow you the flexibility of working from home, even part time (although today’s robotics are making it possible for doctors to make their rounds from the comfort of their offices). If your job could be done as easily from your living room as from your claustrophobic cubicle, however, it might be time to pitch the idea of telecommuting to your boss. Not only can you save money on gas, clothes, food and wear and tear, you can also save big on your car insurance. Car insurance companies love telecommuters. They love work from home professionals. They love stay home parents. As a matter of fact, they love just about anybody who isn’t spending half their day driving to and from work! Why? Because the more time you spend on the highways the more likely you are to need to file a car insurance claim. And that means you’re costing your car insurance company money. Now, car insurance companies are in the business of paying insurance claims. Insurers that don’t take care of their drivers when they have to file a claim aren’t usually in business very long! Companies that pay out more than they take in aren’t in business very long either, however, which means they need to balance their drivers’ risk with their premiums to make sure they have the income they need to stay on top of their game. Since commuters are at a higher risk of having an accident than drivers who don’t spend a lot of time on the highways during peak business hours, they’re going to pay higher auto insurance rates each year. The last thing you need is more business related expenses. You’re already paying for the wear and tear on your car, those spiffy suits you have to wear in case the big guns come to visit and the never ending IV drip of coffee to get you through the day. Why sign on the dotted line for higher car insurance rates too? Studies show that telecommuters have managed to save up to 20% on their car insurance (and even more on other car related expenses) just by cutting the amount of time they spend on the road. After all, it’s hard to rack up a gas bill when you never GO anywhere! Cutting your commute out of your daily agenda is going to be a good decision on many levels, so what are you waiting for? If the opportunity to telecommute is there, reach out and grab it with both hands. It’ll be the best career move you’ll ever make. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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