29 year old Joyce Cheng love exposure to Asia outside the preferred circle of love (video) winavi

29 year old Joyce Cheng’s Asian exposes outside the circle of love Tencent preferred entertainment according to Hong Kong media "Oriental Daily" reported that singer Joyce Cheng (Joyce) recently released the album "JOYCE", since the debut by bad comment she exposes in the sign record companies and managers of a company before, there was a time to give up singing. "That is not suitable for doing this, even money, is completely no longer with entertainment, then feel like do not look to the future, stuck half red not black, but a lot of things to do good and no one noticed, I do not know why to sing." However, family and friends talk to her confidence: "they say" no matter what decision you make will support, but if you do not continue singing will be wasted, "such a simple sentence is a great encouragement to me." Did not dare to look up Joyce decided to try looking people have a second chance to do best: "I made a promise with yourself, if I a song, every song will come out if I love the opportunity is not inevitable, so I strive for every opportunity. In the music, I am 29 years old is not small, so I am not afraid of annoying, must do everything." In the Hit burst song "goddess", Wyman Wong as she wrote a "do not bow, Aura will fall down", is the portrayal, she said: "in the past, more and more people are most afraid of shopping, I dare not make eye contact with the people, it is as if I want to lower the head to. Now when you get to know yourself, you need to be confident." She also said that she was often asked how to be a confident girl, but she is not enough to teach people to deal with life, because she is still groping, but she welcomed everyone along this road. Mate choice outsider confident woman is the most beautiful, but as the goddess Joyce is not impatient in love: "probably because now my life is very happy, have not tried such a fixed circle of friends, the same business is smooth, no things to fill." But she also said: "in Hong Kong to find her boyfriend a friend asked me if I don’t feel like a feminist (Feminist), I don’t think he is, but he finished so I think, my way of life in the past few years will not be strong, a lot of boys away." She grew up in foreign growth also said that in fact their love of Asians: "good communication is important, if the person can speak cantonese with English is best, I like outsiders, because I think the day down to earth, the entertainment world is just a game, but are naturally." The music "roll" eruption by Joyce Cheng strength相关的主题文章:

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