23 year old woman in Shanghai has become the world supermodel, this point is not the same as (video) freyja

23 year old woman in Shanghai has become the world supermodel, this point is not the same as recent hot film, we are certainly in the discussion of "the Mekong River action", the perfect counter attack there, but there is a movie, attracted a small line of sight, that is "from my world pass", began to hold watching comedy mood to see, after all, super and small Yue Yue brother! But did not expect, looked at the tears on the eyes…… Don’t spoil too much, will be hit. In this movie, maybe your eyes are small meat Yang Yang, Deng Chao bacon or Bai Baihe, old Liu Yan and princess Zhang Tianai, but the small eyes have a different person: the cuckoo cuckoo in the drama play the male end Chen (Deng Chao) ex girlfriend. Is also a radio ace DJ. However, this role does not seem to like people, it seems to be dedicated to the birth of male owners: I put my youth dedicated to love, but I do not have second youth! Click to play GIF 637K speaking of movies, I remember the first cuckoo movie is "Chinese partner", here the role as you can see, is a high cold to not play the woman! In order to cause, can not love; for himself, she could not turn away; said she was selfish, but it doesn’t seem to be selfish to let people gnash degree…… Click on the GIF 751K play a similar role, this is not the only one: "embarrassed" in the Hong Kong female artist Yang Yi, "New York New York" in the Ruan Yu Juan, is to abandon the love of fame goes abroad to the development of the cause of women. Each actor will have its own role, so although the range is not wide, but there will be no recognition. As a new actor, can be said to have the cuckoo actor identity do fire pure green, after all, you can get the first acting Award for best new actor, best supporting actress award, is the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress nominee. In the movie the cuckoo can be said to have a certain position out but don’t forget her, was a world-class supermodel in the world for the popular Chinese supermodel, the first time we might think that in recent years the Liu Wen, or by the crown (MA) and (Shen) for up to the Qin Shupei war of words. In fact, the height of 1 meters is 79, has its own unique charm of the world supermodel. Cuckoo: born in September 15, 1982, Shanghai. Graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy Opera Dance branch. No ballet actor is not a good model. At the age of 7 when he was sent to the children’s palace to learn ballet; for the cuckoo, the ballet is not a game, it is pressing to elegant introverted, but also teach you quietly fighting and attack, seize their own perfect stage. The cuckoo is often tired: "my passion for ballet that I can endure hardship, today I am in reality modeling career development in Europe, compared with the past hardship in the ballet in the experience, it is not what." This thought, in the ballet of betting on all hot cuckoos in this way so keep going, but the frustration is that the height become a stumbling block to her ballet on the road near the entrance of the cuckoo, considering the anterior was such a word the teacher stumped: you, is not fit for jump)相关的主题文章:

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