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1107-1113 North American box office "strange doctor" $43 million 30 thousand won the Sohu entertainment page first: 1107-1113 the North American box office "strange doctor" $43 million 30 thousand 1107-1113 won the North American box office "Doctor Strange", singular Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) last weekend, the North American film market at the box office still stride forward singing militant songs. Marvel Super sci-fi blockbuster "strange doctor" is still the most dazzling suction machines, released to the second weekend with $43 million 30 thousand in his pocket won the weekend box office in North America, the local total box office exceeded $153 million, this year’s winter situation the best commercial movie box office of. It is worth mentioning that the weekend is so popular in the United States have to rely on the "Veterans Day" in November 11th — it was Friday, the day is a national public holiday, a lot of the audience into the theater support "Doctor Strange", contributed to the film’s box office jie. The movie weekly income at the expense of "the 2" $36 million 600 thousand over the same period, nearly five years and become the most strong box office superhero movie. "Doctor" also included in the singular China, including more than and 40 countries and regions were issued strong, as of last weekend, the film earned $339 million in overseas markets, the global total box office reached $492 million. The production cost of up to $165 million of the giant, finally harvest a good outcome of high cost and high return. Strange doctor’s reputation is still maintained at a high rate of 90%, is expected to compete for the best visual effects Oscar award. Over the weekend, another concern of the medium scale science fiction film "advent", in the United States 2317 theaters debut. Although the size of the film’s release is not as big as the production, but it has evaluated the reputation of a good reputation to attract a large audience to see the film. The film earned $9 million 350 thousand on Friday, the average single Hall reached $4038, more than $3843, "strange" and "the wizard" of $3004, the day has become the highest attendance film. Early film at the Venice International Film Festival this year as the competition film made its world premiere in Europe first harvest a lot of praise, the heroine of the film Amy Adams is regarded as a contender for this year’s best actress Oscar. "Coming" on the three day of the weekend was $24 million, ranking at the box office ranking of $third. The film has received 93% high praise in the North American Film Critics there, with the monument is expected to excuse the growth line at the box office, it cost only $47 million works, is likely to make the paramount film company made a small fortune. For home and family of the animated film "magic hair Wizard", last week also maintained a high popularity, the second week to $35 million 50 thousand box office overwhelmed advent, support in the box office runner up position. The film’s current domestic revenue totaled $94 million 10 thousand, along with the $12 thousand and 800 box office market in the first place, with a total global revenue of more than $222 million. In the "strange doctor" "magic hair Wizard" and the new painting of the "coming +相关的主题文章:

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